Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Heidelberg Mug, "The German Beer Glass"

Out of all the types of beer glasses the Heidelberg Mug is one of my absolute favourites. The Heidelberg mug is as said 'the real German beer glass'. In Germany you always see them in the local taverns accompanied by the nice waitresses wearing their traditional outfit the 'Dirndl'. But now back to the Heidelberg mug, it can hold up to 16 oz and because of its size you don't have to go to the fridge each time you want beer.

For me this is one of the best beer glasses you can buy, if you don't like beer you can always put something else in it, but remember don't drink to much of them.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Types Of Beer Glasses

There are a lot of different beer glasses out there, every one of them has a unique style and shape. There are even customised beer glasses with golden rims and different logos. The shape of the beer glass has a great influence on the taste and on the amount of head when pourring in the beer. Even the little gravings on the bodem of the glass influence the head creation.

Every type of beer has its own glass like for example a wheat bear glass is used to serve wheat beer, a pint glass (the most common known) is used to poor in Porters and English Ales and so on...

Here are the different types of beer glasses:

Wheat beer glass in German: Weizenbier, is one of the several different German beer glasses. They can hold up to 0.5 litres of beer including the head. It has a wide head section which makes it different from the regular pint glass. In other countries like in Belgium the wheat beer glasses contain a bit less beer (0.25 litres or 0.33 litres)

Tulip Glass, it's named Tulip because of it's distinctive shape. This type of beer glass is really made to hold the aroma and to keep all of its taste. It's very for serving Belgian ales.

Pint glass, the most common beer glass. It can hold over 568 ml and is used for servinfg Porters and English Ales.

The Pilsner Glass is used to serve light beers and can contain 25 cl or 33 cl of beer.